10 Ways You Know Your Daughter Is A Diva

Submitted by scott

Over the last three years I've been in denial that the three year old is a diva. I've been trying, with mixed results to turn her into a tomboy. This effort has been largely unsuccessful, save for the fact that she really likes playing with worms, and is always trying to take tools out of my tool bag. The following are ten reasons that indicate the three year old is quickly becoming a diva.

  1. She came out of her room to request that I squish a bug because "I'm not made for killin' bugs."
  2. She demands to have her drink in her princess cup.
  3. After getting doused by a wave at the beach she had a meltdown... not because it was really cold and startled her, but because her shirt got wet.
  4. She tries to convince others to wipe her butt after pooping. I assume because the mere chance of contact with poo is beneath her.
  5. She must wear the jammies of her choosing.
  6. She bosses her personal assistant (an Eyeore stuffed animal) around like nobodies business.
  7. She requires that her food be a certain temperature before it touches her lips... not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

Okay, okay... I know I only made it to seven, but I felt the need to cut the list there. It felt like I was giving the three year old a bum rap. The truth of the matter is that she can be very tomboyish. She digs in the dirt like a champ. She thinks it's hilarious to deliver a flying knee squarely to my midsection. Plus, as mentioned before, she is very intrigued by tools.

So even though I try to tame her diva side, I wouldn't trade her for the world. After all, she is a girl... so a healthy fear of bugs is to be expected.

I'm still getting used to being the only one in this house made of frogs and snails, and puppy dog tails.

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