Cloth Diapers - 6 Months Later

bum genius diaper The little white granules that come out of disposable diapers suck. We used disposable diapers with our first daughter, and it seems that the thing I remember most is wiping the leftover gelatinous substance (as well as poo) from her behind. Well… that and the mounting cost of the diapers.

Mostly because of the cost, with our second child we chose to use cloth diapers. After quickly deciding my wife wasn't going to be making them out of old flannel shirts, and talking to some friends, we decided to evaluate two brands, Haute and Bum Genius. Almost as quickly, it became clear that the Bum Genius diapers were the way to go. This was because even when our dryer was on low heat, over about two months, there was noticeable wear on the Haute diaper. It was as if the waterproof layer didn't agree with heat at all. So six months after choosing Bum Genius, I've chosen to evaluate three categories: cost, mobility, and ease of re-use.


This is definitely a major advantage of using cloth diapers. We purchased 12 diapers, and as of now (6 months after birth), they've paid for themselves. However, we have found that on extended trips it is easy to buy a pack of disposable diapers so that we don't have to worry about the transport or washing of cloth diapers. You must be cautious when doing this, because it can become very easy to slip back to using disposables 'in a pinch,' which will very quickly eat up any savings you have gained.


Unfortunately, this has become a bigger issue than I thought it would be. Initially, it seemed like the only adverse side-effect was giving my daughter a baby junk in the trunk type of look. However, then she started trying to roll over. I hesitate to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it prevented her from rolling over sooner, but it did provide a higher degree of difficulty. Now that she is sitting up, the drawbacks are more noticeable. Because of the junk in the trunk, when sitting she is shaped more like a Weeble, who wobbles, and also falls down. Also, since the diapers don't hug so closely (more leg covered), the range of motion is limited so it is difficult to fully lean forward. As she grows, this should become less of a problem

Ease of re-use

I am glad that we purchased a high efficiency washer that cleans very well (we don't presoak before washing, only remove big turds). But getting the diapers into the washer is another story. After sitting in a diaper pail for even a half day, these things stink. Maybe it's my daughters diet, but whew! On the positive side, it is very easy to remove the cloth inserts and chuck them in the washer. Over the past six months the white inserts, as well as the inside of the diaper has become somewhat dingy, but not too noticeably. The biggest issue is trying to make sure that while tumbling in the washer, the velcro doesn't start sticking to the inserts and other diapers. This has caused a few diapers to show a bit more wear and tear than normal. Overall, if you're willing to hold your nose long enough to load the dryer, you're good to go.

I would recommend cloth diapers to anyone.

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i put the diapers in a normal open laundry basket- the smell is not nearly has strong... yes the diapers are out in the open but there is no overwhelming stench when you get them.

and they definitely outgrow the out of balance stage, in fact the diapers provide a nice cushion for falling while learning to walk! :)

I think the extra padding will come in handy with our hardwood floors.

Ditto to cloth diapers! Love them! We're currently using pre-folds in a Thirsties cover for our 8 month old. This works great for containment. The only time we have a blow out is when we put him in the occassional disposable. Keep on keeping on...

We also use the BumGenius 3.0 (the one size, all in ones)
Bummis (the Canadian distributor) makes a laundry water-proof tote. I have ours in a small step-stool garbage pail. Each diaper change I pull the liner out and wrap it in the diaper, stick the velcro to the little cotton squares beside the tabs and toss it in the tote. When I go to do laundry, I remove the tote from the pail, empty the contents into the washer and toss the tote in too! It really cuts down on the smell and the "ick factor" of cloth diapering.

As for dingyness...we use nature clean detergent. Comes in a box. All you need is 1 tablespoon per load and once a month or so I'll add a tablespoon+ of their natural bleach.

I've been checking out your site. A male perspective in my blogging circle is a rarity :)

That tote sounds like a great idea, and thanks for visiting! I hope you stick around.

Jenn, do you have a top load or front load washing machine. I have been using 2 tablespoons of Nature Clean and have started having smell/rash problems with my son and diapers. Some sites say it could be detergent residue and to use less others say it is urine residue and to use more detergent. Needless to say it is confusing. I have a top loading machine and use the highest water setting every time (cold prewash no detergent, then hot wash with detergent and cold rinse) Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks :o)

We too use cloth, but we use Indian cotton pre-folds with an assortment of covers, including wool covers for the night. We have 2doz and wash every 3 days or so. I am pretty sure our little girl had a hard time rolling over too because of the bulk. As soon as I would take it off to change her, she would be off rolling from side to side. She was only able to roll over completely with her diaper off. Now that she's stronger and has had lots of practice, she can do it while in the diaper.

As for the smell, we rinse the wet diapers in the sink right after changing them, so even sitting in the pail for several days, there's no awful smell. I thank my mother-in-law for pointing us in that direction. We got a Potty Pail for the soiled diapers. You should google this item. We couldn't live without it. However, I do think breastmilk poo is stickier than solids poo, which rolls off the diaper nicely.

Those wool covers sound great as winter approaches. Thanks for the other tips (rinsing in the sink, and the Potty Pail)! The Potty Pail looks pretty cool, and I dig their slogan.... "Love the Baby, not the poo."

Even I prefer to use cloth diapers for my baby.They are soft and there is no skin etching problem and also it's reusable.What you have to say about the health insurance policies for your child? Do you know any insurance companies that offers good premium?

i strongly recommend using washing machine on washing baby clothes so to avoid any rashes or allergies. My grandsons were having allergies when I was hand washing their clothes before... it disappeared when I started using washing machine.

Thanks for the recommendation, I am not sure I am going for this option though, we're also considering an easy saver for disposable diapers. Have you used one of these at your first baby?

I haven't used one of those, however I have used a diaper genie. For as forgetful as I am about emptying/repeatedly cleaning it (to get rid of odor), I just toss the disposables in the garbage.

Hello to all , I am having a new baby at the end of this month. I have a question regarding the diaper. I heard from the parents of other kids that Bum Genius are very bulky for newly born kids. Is there any alternative? Also want to know >what is the effect that could make to newly born child by using bulky diaper?

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