Back to School - Lockers

Ah... back to school time. It’s that time of year that either pulls at the heartstrings, or has parents jumping for joy. Whether you’re sending Timmy to a world filled with dioramas or dorm rooms, there’s no denying the electricity in the air as summer comes to an end.

So are you ready? Are your kids ready? Have you set them up to succeed? What will Timmy do when he is offered his first beer bong? What will Sally do when the other little girls tell her that Suzy’s not cool enough to hang out with? Will they get terrible grades? The other afternoon, after asking my eldest tax deduction to put her shoes on, I began to contemplate these very questions (minus the beer bong one... she better not be consuming alcohol en mass at any age, let alone the age of 6).

As she was writhing on the floor, acting as if someone had jammed a hot soldering iron between thoracic vertebrae numbers 6 and 7, and refusing to put on her shoes, I had a thought. YES, she is ready to be thrust back into the world of school. Yes, Princess P is hard headed, stubborn, and will always try things her way first (the same could be said of me), but believe it or not, she listens. She hears and absorbs everything going on around her.

If you’re still tracking my stream of consciousness, you may be wondering what the heck that has to do with me setting her up for success. Well... over the summer my wife and I have learned that with Princess P, if we want her to learn a new skill or idea, we have to show/teach her once, and then walk away and let chew on it for a while. More and more we have put this into practice. By helping foster her way of learning, I am confident that in the academic and social minefield that is public school, instead of blindly doing what others say, she will take things under advisement, and form her own opinions when she sees fit, and for that reason alone, I know she is ready.

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Good luck with the start of the school year for your kiddos!

Thanks Tom! So far so good!

Thanks for visiting Phil!

That sounds like my son. He likes to be shown things once and then left alone to see if he can do it the way he was shown
or another way that he likes. lol

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