Seven Suggestions For Spouses

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It's no secret that when a married couple has kids, soon their world revolves around the kids, and the relationship they once had starts to deteriorate. Less and less time is spent focusing on the person that helped you become a family in the first place. Below are seven suggestions that may keep you and your spouse from becoming strangers.

  • Be nice to each other - This was one of the very first pieces of relationship advice that my wife and I received. I thought the person was joking... isn't this a given? However, I now realize that this was great advice. It's so simple, yet so many couples have a hard time being nice. If you truly care, and are genuinely nice to each other, the other stuff seems to fall into place.
  • Turn off the Television - When the kids go to bed, it's too easy to flip on the tube and veg out. After all, the kids wear me out and I deserve some mindless entertainment.
  • Gang up on kids - Few things can be as rewarding as teaming up and putting the little whippersnappers in their place. As the children lay on the floor peeing their pants, you and your spouse feel a sense of accomplishment having just completed the perfect tickle torture.
  • Observe - Watch your spouse (but not in a creepy way), you never know, you may find out something you didn't know.
  • Quit living separate lives - Another easy trap to fall into is to be like ships passing in the night. You hand the kids off to mom so she can take them to soccer practice, then you go catch up with your friends at the bar. Next you go pick the kids up from soccer so that mom can have a ladies night. Before long the only time you see your spouse is in between running kids places.
  • Go on a date - This one is pretty self explanatory, and probably how you ended up with kids in the first place. Do you remember what a date is like?
  • Think about your spouse - Don't get so caught up in your routine that you don't take a few minutes out of your day to think about your spouse.

I'm no relationship guru, but I do recognize that your relationship with your spouse is either blooming, or wilting.

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