A Lesson From Washington D.C.

Submitted by scott

In light of the recent events in the United States, I've decided to make a proposal of my own. Keep in mind that it has to go before my wife, and pass her vote… but I'm pretty sure she'll send it on through. Instead of thinking of it as 'Big Brother' getting more power, I like to think of it as 'Big Father' doing what's best for his people.


First, I would like to expand our FamilyCorps program. Anyone under the age of 10 will be forced to volunteer their services. After eating copious amounts of baked beans, together, we will research the advantages and disadvantages of methane on the environment. We will also delve into disaster recovery, better known as cleaning the basement.

Health Care

I will establish a "Health Benefits Advisory" committee and appoint its members. This committee will recommend covered benefits and essential, enhanced, and premium plans. If the child chooses the essential plan it will include one bath per week, and a diaper change per day. If the child chooses to pursue other health care options, they must maintain "acceptable health care coverage" as determined by me, or risk losing their allowance.


I plan on raising taxes to cover the cost of the additional cost associated with the wider scope of FamilyCorps, as wells as increased health care costs. However, upon further investigation, since my wife is a stay-at-home mom, I've realized this is a loss for everyone because the money will be coming directly out of our only stream of income.

I give up

Maybe my proposal needs a few tweaks before I should proceed any further.

This post isn't meant to be a jab… well, it sort of is, but I am by no means big into politics. I know just enough to carry on a conversation about some current issues. But more importantly, I think it's an interesting time to be living not only in the United States, but in this world. The times they are (and have been) a-changin' (again and always, for better or worse).

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