Big Girl's Do Cry

Submitted by scott

People close to me claim that I rarely become angry. I can say without a doubt that this observation is untrue. There are plenty of things that set me off, and for reasons unknown to me, children have a way of finding those things quickly. One thing that gets me going is whining and crying and tugging on my leg (which will henceforth be referred to as Wac-A-Toml). Fortunately my wife has finally stopped doing this when I crush her dreams of a new wardrobe. Unfortunately, the three year old is just getting started.

Recently Wac-A-Toml has been the tactic of choice. What angers me even more is that it is simply her attempt at manipulating the situation to achieve her desired outcome. If the three year old had any amount of true emotion behind her feelings, I may be a little more sympathetic, but that is not the case. How do I know there is no emotion? Well… after realizing she's been found out, the waterworks immediately stop. This is where the insanity comes in (stay with me… I promise this will might make sense soon).

As Albert Einstein once said, Insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." So is my daughter insane? Yes. I think my psychology minor gives me the expertise to say without a doubt that she is insane. There has been no precedent set for her to think that Wac-A-Toml will in fact get her what she wants. Usually the results are quite the opposite, and she ends up spending some quality time in the naughty chair. So how do I get her to stop Wac-A-Toml? At this point perseverance and consistency is the only option that comes to mind, because I have no experience treating this kind of mental illness.

However, it could be that she is really a genius, who is training me for something that I, in my limited capacity, could never comprehend.

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