Crying Babies are Annoying

Submitted by scott

The little one has recently been in the habit of crying about anything, or nothing in particular. This action has reaffirmed to me that crying kids are indeed annoying. Is it wrong of me to say this about my own child? No. If I, or my wife, didn't think it was annoying perhaps it would just lull us back to sleep while the kid lies awake starving. Or maybe the little one slams her finger in a drawer, and the yelp she makes seems 'cute' and 'adorable.'

All kidding aside, how do you change the behavior of a nine month old who screams whenever she has to play by herself for more than a minute? It's hard to resist the sirens call that is a baby's cry. It lures you in, and before you know it you've picked the child up and began to make ridiculous cooing noises to calm him or her down.

I've found that if I can resist for ten minutes, the problem usually goes away… at least for bedtime. However, I haven't yet found the way to break her during the times she's awake. When she's awake, it seems that she has the energy to cry for hours, only to be soothed by mommy picking her up.

Luckily we do have one ace up our sleeve, which can be brought out during tough times. The little one thinks that the three year old is the funniest person in the world. If you put the two girls in the same room giggles are soon to follow. Hopefully this will by some time so I can figure out what's really going on!

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