Disciplining Other People’s Kids, At Your House, With Their Parents Around

Submitted by scott

As a parent, uncomfortable situations arise from time to time. For me it’s been anything from Princess P refusing to behave at church, to Special K just being her unruly self and throwing anything she can get her hands on.

Then there are the times when I’m out and about town and see a child throwing a fit, while the parents do nothing... not even contain the situation. Those moments are great for showing your kids how not to act in public.

In the situations above, the players involved are clearly defined, and roles don’t overlap. In the first situation, it’s my job to correct Princess P and contain Special K. In the second situation, I am in an observational role, while the other parent apparently thinks they have no role to play. Everything is black and white.

However, much to my surprise, the uninvolved parent (we’ll call this person Parent X) follows me home and spends the rest of the day hanging out while the kids play. It doesn’t take long before Parent X’s kid (Kid X) doesn’t get his or her way. As a result Kid X calls dear ole Parent X a s#!t a$$.

To my dismay, Parent X rolls with it, doing nothing, while repeatedly being hit and called a s#!t a$$. This is where everything seems to turn a shade of gray. At what point do you become the bouncer and boot them from the exclusive club known as your home? It is your domain, and what you say goes. Or do boot them immediately and not even put up with Parent and Kid X’s behavior? After all, your kid is watching, absorbing the days events like a sponge.

Up to this point Mrs. Simple and I have been more than accommodating, but have the feeling that at some point something has to give. What would you, or what have you, done in this situation?

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