Get Attention By Pooping In Your Pants

Submitted by scott

We all have ways of dealing with jealousy. Some people start to smother the object of their affection. Others withdraw hoping that if they set the person free, that person will come back on their own free will. Then there is the three year old, who poops in her pants.

When the little one was born, the three year old didn't appear to harbor any evil or jealous feelings. However, now that the novelty of a little sister has worn off, that seems to be changing. Thankfully, the change in mood hasn't manifested itself in the form of being too rough with the little one, but rather a much stinkier, non-violent form.

After being potty trained for quite some time now, the three (almost four) year old decided that she needs to poop in her pants. I must admit, this behavior has resulted in the desired outcome. The three year old has definitely received more attention, but perhaps not the kind she wanted.

Since her supreme goal is to poop in her pants, and not on the toilet, the wife and I have put together a quite effective solution to the problem. Let's just say that it involves prunes, a 2x4, laxatives, and a cigarette lighter (the kind from a car). Couple these items with a "no pants till poopy" rule, and the issue practically solved itself.

What bizarre (or regular) ways have you kids shown there jealousy or rebellion?

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