Give Mommy A Break

Submitted by scott

As a stay at home mother, my wife makes a six figure income. At least this is what she tells me she should make. As life around the house has become more stressful, she definitely could make a strong argument for a raise, better 401(k) plan, and perks such as free ear plugs and a child sized muzzle.

The little one finally popped her first tooth through. Although this means she'll soon be able to enjoy bigger and better food, biting her sister, and the tooth fairy (eventually), the road ahead is paved with drool, screaming, and more drool. Couple this with the fact that the three year old is pushing all the right buttons and you have one stressed out mama.

So the problem is that historically, I've heard that this company which will be referred to as 'Family' has low employee retention. Some sources even claim that Family turnover is bordering on 50%! If Family doesn't keep morale high, this doesn't bode well for any of the parties involved, especially the new hires. Often they are used as pawns in a power struggle after the founders of Family decide to try and make it on their own.

What is the solution? Perhaps a retention bonus would do the trick. Maybe corporate retreats to faraway locations on the company dime (new hires not allowed… you must have been with Family for at least 5 years). Possibly a new company car would appease everyone. Or just maybe it's the little things, like a freshly painted office, a new mini fridge, and snack packs for lunch.

As President of the Family, I fully admit that our COO has not had the perks that others in her respective field do. In light of this, and the fact that COO appreciation day is fast approaching I implore you to find ways to keep the COO of your corporation happy. After all, they're irreplaceable.

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