I Have To Be Nice To My Lazy Daddy

Submitted by scott

Not so long ago there was a little boy, in a little town. This little boy's parents were always encouraging him to travel down a good, moral, Christian path. Often, the boy didn't even fully know what was going on. The parents would pop in a cassette tape with some fun stories and groovy tunes. Before long, he found himself repeating the songs, and memorizing the stories. The stories told of things like being kind to your siblings, and befriending the bully, because maybe he just needs someone who will really listen. Over time, even though the boy grew older, and the stories slowly slipped from memory, the lessons they taught remained.

Fast forward roughly 20 years. The boy is now a man and has two daughters of his own. He is ready to pass on the stories. Thankfully, this thing called a cassette player still exists, and the tapes work flawlessly. Before you know it the eldest daughter is walking around the house rambling about the stories, and humming a few of the tunes. Then it happens...

"I have to be nice to my lazy Daddy" she says. For a moment, the man wonders what his wife has been telling the kids while he's been at work. But then, his daughter continues, "I have to be nice to my lazy Mommy." It finally clicks... the tapes! They've been turning the child against her parents!

In reality, the wee lass was picking up on the lessons quite quickly, but putting her own spin on them. The story was about a girl who was told that she should be nice to her brother, even when she thinks he's being lazy. When put through the Princess P filter, it came out "I have to be nice to my lazy daddy." I am both proud and concerned.

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