Now With Karate Chop Action

Submitted by scott

Early one morning, a diabolical plan was brewing in the mind of Special K. If only she could escape her prison, use her powers of persuasion to control the Queen, and then lop off the King's head, she could be ruler of the kingdom!

But first, Special K had to get the attention of the Queen. This turned out to be much easier than anticipated. As the Queen tried to fully wake from her slumber, Special K let loose her siren's call, which sounded like a mix between a helpless puppy's whimper, and a cat's meow.

The Queen didn't stand a chance, the call drew her in and swallowed her up. Special K took full advantage of the Queen's weakened state and coerced her into releasing Special K from her holding cell.

While still under the control of Special K, the Queen revealed the way to the King's chamber. Special K could feel it as she slowly crept toward the King... full reign over the kingdom was within her grasp!

That's when it happened. Special K stood poised over the King's sleeping, motionless body, waiting for the perfect moment to strike him down. Whap whap whap! With deadly force, Special K struck the king down.

Except, she didn't strike him down at all... she realized he was 10 times her size as he brushed her off, rolled over, and went back to sleep. Next time, the King may not be so lucky.

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