Kids Aren't Breakable

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It seems like all around me kids are crawling out of wombs these days. In honor of all the n00b (new) parents out there, I would like to share two things I've learned about kids, or at least my kids.

Kids aren't breakable!

As I look around the house at the sharp edges of the table, exposed wires, and broken glass bottle on the floor, I can breathe easy, because try, try as I might to screw these little humans up, they seem to bounce back from everything.

After cracking her head on the hardwood floor, the little one only needs to be comforted for a moment, then she is ready to give this whole standing thing another go. After tripping over her two left feet at the park, the three year old only needs a squirt of boo-boo juice (some wound cleanser for kids, not the alcoholic beverage) and a tissue to wipe her tears, and she is good to go.

The human body is an amazing thing, and even when we rough it up a bit, it has the ability to bounce back even stronger than ever.

Kids are breakable!

As I look around the house at the paintings, father's day cards, and crooked smiley faces that sometimes look a bit confused, I can't breathe easy, because try, try as I might not to screw these little humans up, maybe there's something they won't bounce back from.

Kids remember everything. I'm convinced that every time you yell at your kids, they withdraw just a little. Every time you're not there to show support, they withdraw a little more.

So please, just love on your kids, and guard their fragile minds. That's what I'm trying to do, and I hope that if nothing else, when I'm old and grey, they'll remember that I gave it my best, and come over to change my diaper at least once a week.

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