Kids Make Everything Better

Submitted by scott

I feel that at, sometimes I can get too hung up on the crazy, weird things that kids do. Whether that be dealing with the megacolon,or angrily abusing themselves. However, these little tax deductions know just how to melt your heart, and give you a sense of perspective.

Lately, it seems like I've been a bit down about ridiculous things that really don't matter. On one such occasion, the wife and I were discussing some things, and the level of annoyance started to go up (thankfully not at each other). At the time Special K was puttering around, playing with her toys and soaking it all up.

Shortly thereafter, she tottered into her room for a minute, then came running out with a look on her face something like this (minus the snot):

snot pic

After seeing that face, there was just no way I could maintain my anger level, and was instantly yanked back into the world where the things around you that matter are the people.

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