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It seems that everyone blogs these days, except for me. Well… today that changes. The tipping point from hate to love in my sordid relationship with blogging was the result of one elevator ride. In this elevator I made what I like to call a 15 second friend, and that friend was Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen. In our short time together, I found out that she was a teacher who liked to cook, but ultimately "didn't know what she was doing" when it came to blogging. She was going to retire soon, and start writing about food full time.

After we parted ways I realized that could be me (minus the whole cooking thing). I used to love writing, but always found myself drawn to technology. For that reason, I became a programmer and left writing far behind. After many failed 'side hustles,' I've decided to heed some advice I recently heard to do whatever you want to, and if you're passionate, the money will follow.

So, for the first time, I'm diving into something where if the money starts coming in, so be it… but that is not my motivation. Welcome to Simple Father, after all... everyone blogs.

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