Some People Will Always Be 4 Years Old

Submitted by scott

On my commute to work the other day, I realized something. Some people will always be 4 years old. This thought isn’t a new, or particular exciting revelation, however, it finally clicked that some so-called "mature" adults never break the tendencies they had when they were 4 years old.

Some Examples (from Princess P and other kids)

Princess P: “Ugh... I don’t wanna play with Special K, she always bugs me. I’m not playing anymore.”
Crotchety Old Lady Behind Me: “Ugh, do you hear what she’s talking about! And she’s wearing that to work?!? Puuhhleaze!”

Princess P: “Special K!! Get out of my chair! It’s my seat!”
Disgruntled Office Worker: “I have to sit where!? Next to who!? Yeeeah, that’s not going to work for me.”

Other Kids: “Hey, look at this new widget I got today. I bet you don’t have a new widget... do you?”
Toolbox: “Like my new 7 series BWM... it’s pretty sweet. By the way, how’s the ‘93 Ford Festiva holding up?”

Princess P: “Leave me alone!!!” (while kicking and screaming)
Married Couple to Each Other: “Leave me alone!!!” (while slamming doors and shouting)

There are a lot of good ways that adults can act as if they have the innocence of a 4 year old, and in reality, even Princess P has been quite mellow and well behaved. But it seems there’s a lot of negative people floating around, and to them I say... isn’t it about time you turned 5 and went to school. At least then someone else could deal with you for half of the day.

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