Standing On Your Own

Submitted by scott

There comes a point in life where everyone has to learn to stand on their own. Making the decision doesn't come easy, nor should it. There are often tears involved, followed by anger and a plethora of other emotions. However, through the trying times, growth occurs. You are able to spread your wings, transforming into the person you were meant to be.

One thing I've learned in life is that you shouldn't let people hold you back. You shouldn't be forced to crawl through life, when you know that you were born to run. Try as you might to make the old way of doing things work, sometimes it just won't. After five years of marriage, and two beautiful kids, I have an announcement to make...

The little one is standing on her own! She is trying to spread her wings and fly, but for right now, she is just falling out of the nest and landing on the ground in a heap. There have been tears shed as she crashes on the hardwood floor, but each time she falls, she learns what not to do next time.

In no time, she will take one more step toward transforming into a thriving, self-sufficient human being. At this point I will cower in fear. She already likes to come at people in a flurry of teeth and fingernails, and I can only imagine the damage she will do once she's fully mobile.

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