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I saw something today that bothered me. In the increasingly tolerant (or so it seems on the surface) world we live in, the ugly face of intolerance came into the light. People were screaming from the rooftops a message of tolerance, all the while harboring hatred in their heart.

Because we are all flawed humans, from different backgrounds, it's to be expected that from time to time opinions will differ. However, there are a few issues that always end in heated discussion... one of which is the sexual preference of cats. Do boy cats choose to keep the company of other boy cats? Or are boy cats more inclined to be tempted by the seductive tail wag of a female feline? Should two female cats be allowed to raise a kitten?

Whether or not the cat has a choice in the matter, or if it's just 'wired' a certain way, can be debated until the cows come home. Each side of the argument has their bullet points memorized and are ready to start meewwing at the drop of a hat. Sometimes the meows can become so overpowering that the only cure is a quick, accurate spritz of water to the face. So consider this a spritz to the face.

Stop the cat violence! You have no idea what that cat may be going through. Perhaps the cat has a hairball that is causing extreme discomfort. Maybe they just want you to love them and listen to their purring. Doesn't every cat have the right to express their opinion without the fear of being de-clawed?

To the more vocal crowd out there, practice what you preach. If you claim that every cat should have the ability to 'meow' with whoever they want, and have their viewpoint be heard, quit kicking the cats that sound a bit different than yours. You don't have to like how it sounds.

** If you're really interested in what I think about the mating habits of cats, hit me up in the comments. I'm more than happy to share, but that wasn't really the point of the post.

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