Who Is Raising Your Children?

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It is often said that people today are more 'connected' than ever. Social networks allow friends, colleagues, and a slew of others stay in contact and be continually updated as to what's happening. Some children's toys are able to chart the child's learning and provide a quick report on how the child is progressing. Books are multi-lingual and talk about anything from aardvarks to Zen. Yet with all the tools and resources, society seems to be growing more and more uninvolved and disconnected from it's most important members, the kids.

So who is raising your children? Do you use the latest and greatest learning methods that money can buy? Are the educational programs on television teaching them everything they need to know? How about the workers at daycare who are around them the majority of the day? Maybe it's the public (or private) school that you've enrolled them in. Perhaps it's a Sunday School teacher, or maybe a grandparent.

While all of the above things can be good sources of wisdom and guidance, nothing can replace the love, care, and nurturing a child receives from a parent. Don't outsource your responsibility.

A wise man's daughter once said that her dad didn't tell her how to live life, he lived life and let her see it. When your kids get old enough to reflect upon the past, make sure you've done your part. I hope and pray that their memories aren't filled with after school programs, soccer practice, and the taxi drivers known as mom and dad who took them where they needed to be.

Live life, and love your kids.

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