5 Reasons Dad Blogs Fail

Submitted by scott
  • The writer has another kid, and finds it more prudent so feed, bathe, and attend to the new baby.
  • Life gets busy - The kids start getting involved in sports, dance, music, etc. and now the dad is the chauffeur.
  • The kids start getting ignored - Instead of actually being a dad, the writer is too busy writing about what it's like to be dad.
  • Loss of interest - Blogs take time to develop (unless you're an all-star), and many writers simply lose interest.
  • Chasing the money - While there are many bloggers that make good money, there are many more who don't. If the bloggers heart isn't in it, it will show up in the writing


I hope you never see the above start to happen at simplefather.com. If you do, feel free to call me out on it, because I'd like to be in it for the long haul. Maybe down the road I can switch over to simplegrandfather.com, and show grandparents how to spoil their grandchildren.

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