My name is Scott Schuchard, and I hate minivans, especially ones with those horrendous stick family decals. I grew up in a small Midwestern town and have yet to escape the 'flyover' states. I married right out of college, and started having kids early, which has allowed me to keep up with them (for the most part).


This site is dedicated to documenting the challenges and decisions facing young parents, as well as building a community. My hope is that we can learn from each other's experience, after all, I've heard it takes a village. Plus, by the time my kids are out of the house, I'll probably be senile, so this site will allow me to reminisce about a simpler time, without college tuitions, son-in-laws, and having to have my diaper changed.

Before going too far, I will warn you that at times, my humor focuses solely on bodily functions, and sometimes topics for posts border on the geeky side.

Who cares?

Hopefully you care. I know that in my small circle of friends, everyone seems to have differing opinions on how to raise children. Often times I am able to pull nuggets from their ideas. Ideally this site will facilitate a widening of the social circle, and an increase in valuable information for new (or maybe old) parents. In doing so, I desire to help to grow the ever more powerful network of dads across the web.


I don't claim to be an expert on anything. My diploma says I should be a Computer Scientist, but raising kids is neither a science, or as straightforward as a computer. I'm just a dad trying to survive raising children, but if you're not trying to be a better parent, then what are you busy doing? This is my more public way of trying to be a better father.