Beware Of Dr. Megacolon

Submitted by scott

This story happened in the not too distant past, in quadrant four of the rectosigmoid region near the planet Uranus. In this mystical place there lived an evil genius, and his name was Dr. Megacolon. Dr. Megacolon sought not only to cause pain to all those in the rectosigmoid region, but to destroy the surrounding regions as well.

The evidence of his campaign of destruction was everywhere. Those who inhabited the region were in constant pain, and it showed on their distended little bellies. With each hardened Bowelistic Missle that Dr. Megacolon fired, his power and controlling fear grew stronger.

At first, no one was willing to challenge the might of Dr. Megacolon, but soon, a brave challenger stepped forward. Making his way from the land of Green Walls, a hero known only as S. Pository attempted to defeat Dr. Megacolon. However, while S. Pository seemed to have won the initial battle, he ultimately lost the war, and Dr. Megacolon grew ever more boastful of his power.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternal reign of terror, Dr. Megacolon met his match. The dynamic duo of Prunus Cultivar and Mary Lax caught Dr. Megacolon completely by surprise. With their brilliant teamwork, this pair was soon able to send Dr. Megacolon running as fast as he could out of the region. The people were so happy, they didn't mind having to clean up the mess he left behind.

As all the townsfolk clapped and cheered, they were hopeful that Dr. Megacolon wouldn't dare to show his face again.

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