Is Your Child A Golden Calf?

Submitted by scott

Do you worship the ground your children walk on? Do you present your kids with an offering of your first fruits in delicious gummy snack form, thanking them for a time of prosperity, and to appease them for the times to come?

In my short 4 years as a parent, I've learned that it is very easy to turn your child into an idol. If you think of an idol as something to which you show extreme devotion, then it might be okay to idolize your children. However, from devotion, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to full out worshipping your kids.

Why shouldn't you idolize your kids?

When you idolize your kids there are two main things that happen. First, you hand over control to your kids, and second, you lose at life.

You know more than your kids (keep in mind I'm coming from the perspective of a dad with small children), so why would you hand over the reins to someone less experienced? It doesn't make any sense, but when you begin to idolize your children, you give them control. When you're in the grocery store and you're worried about their wrath, you shower them with gifts of toys and lollipops. When you're at home, and one of the kids talks back to your spouse, it becomes okay because they didn't really mean what they said. The household descends into chaos.

If you idolize your kids, you lose at life. You focus all of your energy in the wrong direction. There is more to life than finding a mate, getting married, and having kids. If you're expecting all of your happiness to come from your children, you will surely end up disappointed. Instead of making kids the end goal of this journey, bring them along and show them what it means to truly live, love others, and show compassion.

I could go on and on, but just as in real life, I'm best in small doses.

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