Deprogramming Your Kids

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After certain events, your kids develop a way of thinking that is different than what you're trying to impart upon them. Perhaps they have been away at summer camp and have come back ready to challenge your authority. Or maybe they've been exposed to the neighborhood cult and drank some of the Kool-Aid. Whatever the case may be, you have to deprogram the child, and return him or her to their previous state.

It's after these types of events that I wish children were as simple as computers. If they were, I would be able to create a restore point every time my daughters left the house. According to Microsoft, this would allow me to "undo changes if problems occur." However, this just isn't possible... yet. For now, I have to settle for the tedious, time consuming challenge of restoring my kids to their previous state. Maybe I should have bought a Mac.

How To Deprogram Your Kids

Although I don't have this down to a fine science, I know one, and only one thing about deprogramming your kids. You have to hit them where it hurts (not literally of course). Each and every child has their own pain points. For some it may be taking away the television. For others it may be having to sit out the next football game. For my oldest, it is her stuffed Eeyore. If she steps out of line, all I have to do is restrict access to Eeyore, and voila, the deprogramming begins.

So far I have refrained from using this tactic in all cases except for the most extreme. However, as she grows more immune to other forms of deprogramming, mainly the 'naughty chair,' the Eeyore grab may have to be used more often.

What do you do to deprogram your kids?

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