Disney On Ice, I Wanted To Hate You... Really

Submitted by scott

Oh Disney On Ice, I really wanted to hate you. You and your over-sized Mickey Mouse costumes, your double axles instead of the quad that everyone is raving about. From the moment I saw your overpriced $14 spinning glow-in-the-dark worthless toys, I was searching for a reason to despise and mock you. But I couldn't do it.

You trotted out a psychedelic version of the brooms from Fantasia, complete with black-lights. Princess P could only describe the sequence as 'creepy' but was unable to say exactly why. Perhaps it was because of the mystical circle of brooms that began spinning faster, and faster, and faster. Or maybe it was the hallucinogenics being pumped through the HVAC system. Maybe it was the Mad Hatter and his gigantic eyebrows doing backfilps, or the weird Troll Doll from Toy Story tottering around.

Then to top it off, out popped the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas, spiderwebs fell from the sky, and all the most notable Disney villains appeared in a glorious display of evil. The show was complete.

It is because I didn't hate you that I hate you. You were supposed to suck. Even when I realized that Alice from Alice in Wonderland was a man it made me chuckle. So to you I can only say... grrrr!

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