Do Not Withold Good

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I recently read that you should not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is well within your power to do so, and I started unpacking the ramifications behind such a seemingly simple idea.

Do not withhold good

What is good? Reading a bedtime story while snuggled up under the covers? Enjoying a bowl of ice cream? Playing hop-scotch? Looking for bugs? Making ridiculous faces and laughing so hard you pee a little? Discipline? Chores?

When you don’t take time to slow down, you are withholding good from your children. In this day and age where kids get everything, often the things we don’t give our kids are the ‘good’ things in life.

From those who deserve it

You had a kid, like it or not, they deserve good from you. However, don’t misinterpret me here. Some things that are good for kids, don’t always feel good. For example, being disciplined for talking back to mommy is a good thing, just as much as learning to ride a bicycle is a good thing. Caution must be taken not to only view warm, fuzzy, happy times as good.

When it is well within your power

This is another one that comes with the territory. As a parent, you have the power. You have the power to do great damage, or tremendous good in your kids life.

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