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It's time once again for the world of computer programming to prove it's usefulness by teaching us a thing or two about parenting.

How many times have you found yourself repeating something to your children over and over again. Programming has a simple, yet effective solution for this problem. It’s called a “do while loop.” The idea behind a do while loop is fairly straightforward. You do an action, say scrub the floor, while it is dirty. This translates nicely to many parenting situations. For example:

} while (clothes_on_the_floor = true)

} while(still_daylight = true)

} while( are_you_breathing = true)

The list could go on and on, which is proof yet again, programming isn’t just for nerds, and has real life application. Go forth, and do. Just be sure not to make any id10t errors along the way (if you can tell me what an id10t error is in the comments, you will gain nerd street cred).

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