Headbangers Ball: An Angry Toddler

Submitted by scott

Kids all deal with anger a little differently. Some go off and sulk, while others throw tantrums... kicking and screaming for all they're worth.

Well, my wife and I have been dealing with one I haven't seen before. Special K has been dealing with her anger in a disturbing way. When she gets angry, she will find the nearest object to bang her head on. If she's in the middle of the room, she will drop to her knees and begin banging her head on the floor. If she's near a wall, she will run over and start going at it. Our fear is that with each wall on head encounter, the nickname 'Special K' could take on all new meaning.

Her poor forehead has been constantly bruised. One solution we've come up with is making her room into a padded cell. However, I'm not sure where to even begin with that idea. We've also contemplated putting her in a helmet, but then she may become even more destructive.

Have any of you ever seen this behavior? I'm hoping she grows out of it quickly.

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