Keep On The Lookout

Submitted by scott

Many years ago there lived a man, we’ll call him Jake. Now Jake was blessed with many children. One of his sons, Joe, was born very late in Jake’s life. As a result, just like many baby’s of the family, Joe was a bit spoiled.

For Joe, this was awesome. It meant a TV in his room, all the latest GameStation games, and qPod devices... not to mention the latest designer threads. However, what he didn’t realize was that his siblings despised him because of his special treatment.

On top of that, Joe began making up stories about how his brothers were all bowing down to him. At this, Joe’s brothers wanted to kill him, literally... so they did... almost. They roughed him up a bit, faked his death, and handed him over to some unsavory characters that said they could ‘make him disappear.’

Fast forward about 15 years and Joe surfaced not too far from his hometown, and happened to be in a position of great power. Shortly thereafter, times became extremely tough and Joe’s brothers ended up needing to humble themselves and ask for Joe’s help.

Besides the whole not attempting to kill your siblings thing, this story has another valuable lesson. Keep on the lookout. It seems that from an early age, Joe was destined for big things. However, in his arrogance (or maybe ignorance), he was unable to truly see what the future held. Perhaps his brothers knew (and expressed it in the form of jealousy). Maybe his father knew (and gave him fancy stuff). Either way, Joe didn’t have a clue.

The same could possibly be said of your children. They don’t have a clue. Perhaps they are destined for greatness, but are so hung up on the tasks of today, that they don’t see it, so keep on the lookout, in hopes that you can help open their eyes.

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