Kids Are Better Sick

Submitted by scott

Not the on their death bed, in the hospital type of sick, but just a little sick.

More lethargic = less screaming

When kids are sick (at least toddlers) they are more lethargic. Maybe it's the 'kid friendly' drugs pumping through their veins, or maybe it's just a side effect of being sick. Either way, when a child is feeling less than chipper, the screaming subsides to a dull roar. This makes life much more tolerable at home for the adults. At least now I know that if the kids are driving us nuts and we're about to lose it, I can send the kids to the basement to sniff the toxic mold underneath the stairs. Give it a few days and bam, you're good to go.

Nap time is a breeze

If the kids aren't feeling well, nap time goes so much easier. More often than not they are so out of it that there is no dilly-dallying come nap time. They tend to lay their little heads down and conk right off. Not only do they sleep longer and harder, but it allows time for the important things to get done... like finishing video games that have been put on hold for months.

Sick Kids Suck

Having sick kids around the house is a real downer, but I've been trying to look on the bright side. I really do hate the runny noses, poopy pants, and feeling of helplessness as you watch a little human not acting at all how you know they should be.

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