Like It Or Not - Part 2

Submitted by jolene

It's with some reservation that I mention that the "bad" days aren't always because of my girls. Occasionally there are days where I am in the worst mood, and for whatever reason every little thing irritates me. Usually those are the worst days because you know what they say, when mom's not happy, nobody's happy.

On these days, the feeling of inadequacy has crossed my mind more often than not. It's sad but true that the pressure of being a perfect mom by society's standards if often more than I can take. Do I let my kids watch TV? Do I feed them only organic food? Do I sign them up for tons of activities? What am I supposed to do?

I have come to the conclusion that I will do whatever is best for me and my girls. I don't want to be the cookie cutter mom who follows all the latest health trends and listens to the "experts" on how you should raise your kids. I just want to be me and be the best mom possible.

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