Taking A Nap vs. Going To Bed Early

Submitted by scott

It's that magical time of year. The time when football is on almost every hour of every weekend from now to January... and you know what I like more than watching football? I like drifting off to sleep while a football game slowly lulls me into a post lunch coma.

However, it is impossible to take a nap with a four year old poking you in the ribs with her bony finger!

Princess P has been resisting an afternoon nap for quite some time now, which has really cut into adult nap time (it's not as dirty as it sounds). This wouldn't be so bad, but when early evening rolls around, if Princess P hasn't taken a nap, an evil unlike the world has ever seen awakens in her soul. She flies around the house looking to harass any living being, with the sole purpose of causing discomfort.

But... if Princess P does take a nap, when bed time comes she will not fall asleep until around 10:30, which is two and a half hours past her normal bed time.

What to do, what to do? Would I rather have an afternoon nap, or a quiet, peaceful evening? That is the question.

Which would (or do) you prefer?

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