The Princess And The Jester

Submitted by scott

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a Princess. This Princess was very prim and proper, and could often be found prancing through the meadows surrounding her kingdom (under the watchful eye of the King and Queen of course). Some days she passed the time painting and creating fine jewelry. Other days she reclined by the wading pools. Such was the life of the Princess.

Then there was the Jester. The Jester could often be seen entertaining the King and Queen, as well as the tired and huddled masses. Her erratic dancing movements, and multitude of facial expressions would keep the people laughing for hours... and she knew it. She would often up the ante by telling jokes about ‘nose holes’ and randomly saying the word ‘nipple.’

So it came as quite a surprise that one day, the Princess and the Jester became inseparable. The two worlds collided to form a joyous union. Soon, the Jester could be seen frolicing through the meadows, picking flowers and honing her ballet skills, while the Princess couldn’t get enough of nipple jokes. Despite their personality differences, the two could no longer live without each other.

The kingdom now resonated with both mischievous laughter, and squeals of delight, and all was well in the world.

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