The Princess and the Midget

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In a faraway land where the bluebird's sing a happy song, and the grass looks like of a blanket of new-fallen snow, there lived a princess. This princess had a pure voice, and even purer heart. However, she would often give herself over to the desires of darkness.

One day, while out taking in the wonders of her vast kingdom, the princess happened upon a little midget. Unbeknownst to the princess, this midget was one of her most loyal townsfolk. She could often be found mimicking the princess's every behavior, in hopes that she would one day become royalty. Would today be the day the the princess finally noticed her?

Seeing that the midget was shadowing her every move, the princess soon became suspicious. What were the motives of this little person? Could she be trying to steal my crown, or worse!? In a fit of rage, with no questions asked, the princess had the midget thrown into the dungeon. Surely in that wretched place, the midget would pose little threat.

The king and queen soon were made aware of their daughter's hasty decision, and were not pleased to say the least. So much so in fact, that the the princess herself was also thrown into the dungeon.

As fate would have it, while in the dungeon the princess realized that she needed the midget. You see, the midget had a very special set of skills... she was able to find food where others often didn't. Sometimes she was even able to sustain herself on non-food products. Together, via friendship and food, the princess and the midget were able to survive in the dark, damp, bowels of the dungeon.

Now, they had only one problem... how were they getting out?

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