Propelled To New Heights

Submitted by scott

Squeak sque-eeak, squeak sque-eeak. Squeak sque-eeak, squeak sque-eeak. The old springs on the trampoline seemed to be playing a waltz as Princess P gracefully bounced up and down, steady as the rhythm of a conductor’s baton. She was a sight to behold. As she ascended, each passing inch drew the corners of her mouth into an even bigger smile, and as she descended, her hair hung suspended, as if forgetting the laws of physics, before eventually being compelled to follow the rest of her body.

With each passing day Princess P grew in both skill and confidence. Gentle bouncing soon turned to one armed cartwheels and front handsprings. The waltz turned more up tempo as she pushed the limits of her body. As the weeks flew by she was launching herself around the trampoline… and before she knew it, she was ready to receive “the bounce.”

The bounce is such a wonderful thing. When used correctly, it allows a second bouncer to give a wonderful gift (the bounce) to the first jumper. The bounce allows someone to reach heights they never thought imaginable. If properly received, the bounce can leave a jumper feeling like they had just spent a split second living amongst the winged creatures. But like Icarus and his wings of feather and wax, the temptation is to try and fly too close to the sun.

One bright day, the King of the land was jumping with Princess P. Given that Princes P was ready to receive the bounce, and the King was the best bounce giver in the kingdom, a course of action was set. Whump whump! Whump whump! They jumped nearly in time as the King quickly prepared to give the bounce, and then suddenly the moment was upon them… Whump WHUUUUUUUMP!!!!!

Princess P had received the bounce! As Princess P gained altitude she squealed with delight. As she continued to climb to heights above the safety cage the delight turned to terror. After an eternity, she finally landed and declared that never again would she receive the bounce. To this very day she has been true to her word.

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