Like It Or Not

Submitted by jolene

By popular demand (or at the request of my husband) I will be writing today's post. I have been racking my brain the last few days on what to write about and have come to the conclusion that I am an expert in one thing and one thing only… being a mom.

This doesn't mean that I know everything there is to know about parenting or being a housewife, it simply means that this is what I do every day. It's my "job" if you will, and I'm sure everyone likes to think they are an expert at their job.

10 Things Parents Sacrifice for their Kids

Submitted by scott

It's true what Johnson and Johnson says, having a baby does change everything. Like it or not, kids force you to make lifestyle changes. Perhaps you've had to sacrifice and downsize. You're no longer able to maintain the standard of living you're used to, and it's either make a change or face years of debt. Maybe you've had to upgrade and move out of a that small apartment with the neighbors who party and make noise until the wee hours. Even if the previous scenarios don't ring true for you, I'm sure you've had to make many sacrifices as a parent.