Blogging And Working Full-Time Sucks

Submitted by scott

Blogging and being a professional nerd are two things in this life that I enjoy very much. When they complement each other, life is good. Staying on the bleeding edge of technology allows me to connect with more people, through more avenues. While writing gives me a creative outlet for the weird things that roll around in my head.

But when the worlds interfere with each other, at least one world suffers. Unfortunately, over the past weeks, blogging has been the casualty. During my time off, I've learned a few things, some of which I'd like to share.

You're Going To _________ And You're Going To Like It!

Submitted by scott

There have been times in the past when I have grown frustrated with my children... particularly the older one. One could say that I have been curt, gruff, and insensitive. Take what I like to call the "bike riding incidents" for example. They started out well enough, but always ended in me saying something like, "I'm not carrying your bike home, if you want it, you can ride it... or else we'll leave it in the park for someone else to enjoy." While reflecting on my parenting tactics, I had a hard time figuring out why my approach didn't work.