social life

Dance Like A Little White Girl

Submitted by scott

Don't be afraid to dance like a little white girl, after all they have all the best moves. In our house there are a few signature moves. The first one starts out innocent enough, looking like an over aggressive air guitar player imitating a Pete Townshend windmill, and ends looking more like a sputtering prop plane that has lost one of its propellers. Then there are the intricate vogue-like hand movements, coupled with eyes darting back and forth.


Submitted by scott

It seems like an age old question, but should children go to preschool? I do realize that for some, this is a necessity because of situations where both parents work outside the home, or the parent is single. However, in my situation my wife stays home with our kids. The question has been on my mind a lot recently because before I know it, my eldest will be 4 years old. When weighing the pros and cons, they usually fall into 3 categories: financial, social, and academic.