The Immunity Idol

Submitted by scott

I get tired of disciplining Princess P. Don't get me wrong, she is a well behaved child... except at home. To alleviate both my frustration and her own, I've decided to take a page out of Survivor's book.

In the Simple Father household, there will now be daily immunity challenges. I haven't come up with a huge list of challenges yet, but the first one will be tying her shoes. If she completes the challenge, she will be given immunity from punishment for the remainder of the day.

Right now this sounds slanted in her favor because if she fails, it's just business as usual. However, that's where exile island comes into play. If she fails to complete the challenge, she'll be sent packing. Princess P will have to spend the remainder of the day in her room without any toys or books.

At some point I will introduce reward challenges with the intent to help reduce our monthly grocery bill. For example, if she completes the challenge, she will get to eat dinner, but if she doesn't, then it's rice and water for her.

I'm beginning to think I have problems, because these are the things I think about when trying to improve as a parent.

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