The Prince Was A Frog

Submitted by scott

Once upon a summer’s eve (not the feminine spray) a young, very young, prince from a distant land came calling. He spoke of wonders and spectacles that existed in his kingdom. The princess was intrigued, and deemed the arduous journey across the fence a more worthy quest than simply traipsing around her kingdom with her sister.

So off she went. At first the prince showed her the wonders of his kingdom. There was a grand observation deck, a beach, and exquisite treats. All was well, until the queen returned home from her daily duties.

As any queen would do, she started checking on the prince, no doubt asking about the activities of the day. Very quickly the prince had had enough and decided to prove that he was the future lord of the kingdom, and he could do what he wanted. Without hesitation he told the queen to shut her mouth, and that he had listened to enough of her drivel. Before the princesses very eyes, the prince transformed into a frog.

Needless to say the princess was horrified and had the stable-boy immediately prep her horse for the long journey home. When she arrived back at her castle, she explained to the king and queen that the behavior of the prince was despicable. She didn’t have to listen to it, tolerate it, or be in the presence of the prince any longer.

Throughout the kingdom there was much rejoicing. You see, this princess was very stubborn, and she had finally shown, through her actions and ability to judge character, that she would someday be worthy of being queen.

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