The S Word

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Like many other days, we sat down for dinner and began to reflect back on the day. Much to my horror Princess P said that one of her friends kept saying the dreaded “s word.”

She continued by saying that this friend shouldn’t be saying “adult words.” At this point, my wife and I tried to drive home the point that the “s word” wasn’t an “adult word,” but rather a word that just shouldn’t be said, as it wasn’t a pleasant word in the first place. After all, she didn’t hear that word around our house!

Then it happened, Princess P exclaimed that she had heard the “s word” around our house. Of course I immediately blamed my wife and asked her what in the world she was teaching the kids while I was at work.

Come to find out, the “s word” was the word “stupid.” While stupid is still not a pleasant word, I breathed a sigh of relief that we didn’t have to talk about other derogatory language. Oh to be young again, a time when the lexicon is pure, and the worst “s word” that comes to mind is stupid. Stay young as long as you can kids.

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