Time, Why You Punish Me?

Submitted by scott

The work day came to a close. I shut down my PC and started mentally switching from software developer mode, to husband and parent mode.

When I arrived at home I thrust open the door, crossed the threshold, and handed my overcoat to my lovely wife (who was anxiously awaiting my arrival) as she handed me the evening paper. I then tossed my hat lazily, but with perfection, onto the coat rack and slipped into my house shoes. As the intermingling smells of a delicious meal and freshly baked apple pie greeted my nostrils, I heard the pitter patter of little feet and prepared to be tackled by the youngin’s. What a perfect ending to the day!

Except none of that happened. Instead, I arrived at home, thrust open the door, crossed the threshold, and began to survey the battlefield. Over the wailing of Princess P, my exasperated (but still lovely) wife quickly informed me that we would be scrounging for dinner because the house was in full meltdown mode.

You see Princess P has been struggling a bit with reading analog clocks, and her teacher suggested that she spend a bit more time reviewing them at home. Apparently the mere suggestion that Princess P do a bit more practice caused her such great pain and suffering that she had no other option than to begin sobbing and shrieking uncontrollably. On this day, time was punishing me, like a wave crashing into the shore, it washed away my dreams (of an apple pie).

After talking her down off the ledge, it became clear what the real problem is. Princess P will, not, slow, down. She gets in such a hurry and is afraid that if she slows down to figure out the time, she will lose some time, and in that time she could have been doing something way cooler… like not homework.

So we have encouraged her to take a deep breath, slow down, and listen to the wisdom of those who have mastered the analog clock. We were able to successfully get through the practice sheet, and hopefully she has learned a valuable lesson.

But... those lessons seem to be quickly forgotten, so how do you get your children to just chill, learn from their mistakes, and move on?

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