Top 5 Things Your Daughter Should Do With Her Boogers

Submitted by scott

Boogers… we all have them, and we all have various ways of dealing with them. Here are the top 5 things that your daughter should do with her boogers:

  1. Eat them - They make a tasty bedtime snack, and therefore eliminate the cries of "I'm hungry" coming from the bedroom late at night.
  2. Pick them - If the girl is just "one of the boys," the boys won't feel the need to date her, therefore eliminating the need to purchase a shotgun and rocking chair for the front porch.
  3. Don't pick or eat them - Come to think of it, if the girl wants to get married someday, she had better ignore reasons 1 and 2. Otherwise, she may attract the wrong members of the gene pool.
  4. Wipe them on her siblings - There is no better way to regain control of personal space than wiping a big boogey on someone. Nothing says "I don't want you around" quite like slimy green goo on your shirt.
  5. Learn the farmer blow - For purely practical purposes, everyone should know how to farmer blow. There are bound to be times when a girl finds herself without a tissue, and needs to get some snot out of her nose. It's either that, or risk getting a nasty sinus infection

I know what you're thinking, only 5 reasons? This list is lame! But realize this, there just aren't that many things that girls should be doing with boogers! Maybe someday I'll make the same list for boys, then I can add in things like collecting, staring at, flicking, etc.

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