The Wheels On The Bus

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In a town much like any other town, in a neighborhood much like those littered throughout the United States, there lived a family. This family had two school aged girls, who on any given day could be found roaming the yard after school, searching for a new adventure. Often the eldest would become the self-proclaimed leader of the quest, with the younger being a loyal companion. However, this was no ordinary day.

The girls had started a new school. Along with the new school came new routines, new friends, and an entirely new experience for the youngest… the school bus. Ah, the bus, an entire ecosystem filled with fart stench, loud kids, little douche nozzles who pester sweet innocent cute eight year olds, and probably dead kittens. But the bus served its purpose of delivering kids safely home after an invigorating day of learning. Soon, that would all change.

On this particular day, as fate would have it, a ticking time bomb of events was waiting to unfold. Tick! Normally the eldest rides the bus with the youngest. This works out well because kids of a certain age must either be met at the bus stop by a parent, or accompanied off the bus by an older sibling… the eldest wasn’t there today. Tock! Normally, the bus driver, kindly Mr. Mike, knows and trusts that the kids belong to the family… today there was a substitute driver. Tick! Normally mom remembers to grab the little slip of paper to take down to the bus stop. This paper is proof that the youngest does in fact belong to the family… today there was a forgetful dad. Tock! And normally, grandparents aren’t in town visiting to watch the whole mess unravel… BOOM!

As the bus came to a brief pause, and the youngest looked longingly at the dad and grandparents from inside the bus, the driver asked to see proof in little slip of paper form that she belonged. The forgetful dad said “just a minute be right back” as he sprinted back into the house to retrieve the paper. But it was too late. As he ran down the road waving the piece of paper, he could hear the wheels on the bus going round, and round… and round.

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