You Are Not Alone

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Over my short time as a parent, I’ve noticed something. Parenting is hard. Add in just a dusting of real life problems, and all the sudden it can seem impossible. So if you have younger kids, and you’re struggling, I hope this strikes a chord somewhere.

You’re stuck deep in the throes of depression, struggling to make it through the day, and it is hard. You try to find comfort as you slide under the covers and bury your head into the cool side of the pillow. As you drift off to sleep, trying to escape your own thoughts, the respite you so badly need is interrupted by the cries of your child. At this moment, there could be no worse sound assaulting your ears. You slide one leg off the side of the bed and let it dangle there, but move no further, hoping upon hope that the kid will just go to sleep… but it’s only 5pm and you are not alone.

You are not alone. You are the world to that child, and her world doesn’t stop turning while yours is falling apart. You must go on. There will be sleepless nights, battles over food, sicknesses, and a host of other challenges... but soldier on, not for your own sake, but for the sake of your child. Don’t they deserve the very best you can give?

You are not alone, so take heart! There are those that have come before you, be it grandparents, co workers, or an online community. Often they offer good advice, or can at least be an ear to bend. However, there is one thing that these people are not.

They are not you. Your child needs you, your child loves you, your child smiles at you, and over time you will learn to smile back.

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